Copper Highlights . . . for Homes!

Not Just for Hairdressers It’s WAY too early to pronounce it a trend, but . . . I am noticing selected remodeling projects around the (Minneapolis) Lakes where the homeowner is using copper to punch up the home’s exterior appeal. The most popular applications:  roofs, chimney caps, and downspouts. I don’t see residential buildings doing it...
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WSJ: “Copper Down on Weak U.S. Home Starts, China”

Cheap(er) Copper = Less Expensive New Homes? “U.S. Housing Starts Fall 11% in October.” —headline, WSJ (11/18/2015) According to today’s Wall Street Journal, copper prices just fell to fresh six-year lows (about $2/lb.), in part due to softness in new home construction. Which begs the reciprocal question:  will falling copper prices reduce the cost of new...
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“S-u-r-e, I’ll haul away your old central a/c . . .”

“There’s Gold Copper in Them Thar Hills” If, like my household, you’re contemplating replacing your (very) old central a/c unit this Summer, you’ll discover (like us) that it’s not cheap. But, I was puzzled why, on the contractor bid’s for “disposal fee,” the amount was $0. Disposal Fee?  Try, Bounty The explanation? According to the contractor, old a/c...
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Real Estate’s Hottest Color (Hint: it’s also a metal)

Do two buildings make a trend? Maybe, if they’re high enough profile. That would seem to describe both Edina Realty’s new City Lakes office, about a mile west of Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood, and 1800 Lake, a new luxury rental building in Uptown just northeast of Lake Calhoun. Copper cladding not only gives these buildings a...
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