June 5, 2014

Directions to Home: ‘Take Mid-Town Greenway to Dean Parkway, Exit North Ramp to Home”

Directions By Car?  No, Bike It won’t work if you need your car to drive to another appointment immediately afterwards. And it’s hardly an option when it’s 10 below in January in Minnesota (in my case, make that, “anything below 50 degrees — above zero“). However, it’s only a matter of time until MLS includes the following,...
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“S-u-r-e, I’ll haul away your old central a/c . . .”

“There’s Gold Copper in Them Thar Hills” If, like my household, you’re contemplating replacing your (very) old central a/c unit this Summer, you’ll discover (like us) that it’s not cheap. But, I was puzzled why, on the contractor bid’s for “disposal fee,” the amount was $0. Disposal Fee?  Try, Bounty The explanation? According to the contractor, old a/c...
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