“There’s Gold Copper in Them Thar Hills”

If, like my household, you’re contemplating replacing your (very) old central a/c unit this Summer, you’ll discover (like us) that it’s not cheap.

ac_oldBut, I was puzzled why, on the contractor bid’s for “disposal fee,” the amount was $0.

Disposal Fee?  Try, Bounty

The explanation?

According to the contractor, old a/c units can have up to 200 pounds of salvageable copper in them.

Copper’s current value:  $3 per pound.

Do the math, and that’s up to $600 for an old a/c unit — minus, of course, the labor to remove the unit, plus the cost to transport, smelt, and re-sell the metal.

Given that I’ve got zero wherewithal to do any of the above  . . . I’m happy with “free disposal.”

P.S.:  Just like old car engines start burning oil, old central a/c units apparently start consuming lots of refrigerant.

You’d guess that would be measured by volume, but in fact it’s measured by pounds (my wheezing central a/c just required 3 pounds).

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