choosing a listing agent

Sign of (Realtor) Neglect

How can you tell if your Realtor is attentive? Put it this way: there are plenty of ways to tell if they aren’t. Starting with, the “For Sale” sign and/or sign riders (indicating Open House times, the Listing Agent’s name, etc.) in front of the property are dangling in the wind for more than a...
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Choosing a Realtor: The Guilt Factor

The Many Guises of Loyalty Q: How many Jewish grandmothers does it take to change a light bulb?A: None. They’d rather sit in the dark. So, I finally found out why I was passed over (thematic pun, anyone?) for a listing recently (doesn’t happen to me that often, but no one bats 1,000%). Years ago,...
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Insult . . or Courtesy?

Realtor-to-Realtor Courtesy Normally, you’d think pointing out that someone tracked dirt through your home, or that a window was covered with a certain bird “souvenir,” would be an insult. When isn’t that the case? When a Realtor doing a preview or showing encounters those things, and lets the listing agent know. That’s especially the case...
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Competing for Listings, or, "The Brother-in-Law Factor"

Blood is Thicker Than Water (in Real Estate, Too) I don’t imagine that, in medicine, a neurosurgeon who was being considered for a life-saving operation finds out that the patient chose another surgeon because . . . the patient’s wife and the other surgeon’s wife are best friends. But that kind of thing happens to...
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Fielding Buyer Objections: Hits & Misses

Wants, Needs — & Deal Breakers I’m currently representing Buyers who prefer at least 3 Bedrooms on one level, because they have little kids. So, an otherwise suitable home that I previewed for them was a pass, because the kids’ bedrooms were on the lower level (I was hoping the home’s other strengths would offset...
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Listing Presentation "Tiebreakers"

Throwing the Runner-Up a (Very Hollow) Bone It’s not uncommon for homeowners, in the course of interviewing agents to list their home, to be deadlocked between two (or more) agents. What then? To sew up the listing, I guarantee that at least one of the agents will promise that, if the homeowner hires them, they’ll...
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