May 22, 2010

Gas Prices & Memorial Day

Dropping Prices: Two Theories I put it in the same category as a 50 degree day in January (at least in Minnesota), or the movie theatre with the popular new movie — and no lines: a welcome development, to be sure, but one that’s still slightly unnerving. What am I referring to? The rather steep...
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"Number of Graphs Drawn Since 1945"

Lie, Damn Lies — & Graphs The graph at right captures my attitude towards the myriad graphs, charts and other “pictorial data” available to show real estate trends . . . (And no, it’s not my idea; I saw this in a cartoon on the wall in the Stanford economics department in 1981).
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Competing for Listings, or, "The Brother-in-Law Factor"

Blood is Thicker Than Water (in Real Estate, Too) I don’t imagine that, in medicine, a neurosurgeon who was being considered for a life-saving operation finds out that the patient chose another surgeon because . . . the patient’s wife and the other surgeon’s wife are best friends. But that kind of thing happens to...
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