57 Photos on MLS, Only 14 Captions (Huh?!?)

Seeing Double — or Quadruple! With MLS now allowing unlimited online photos, some listing agents are going nuts, uploading literally 50, 60, or more photos per listing. While that might make sense for sprawling, upper bracket properties, how many different photos can you take of an average-sized — or small — property?? Question #2: How...
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The End of MLS Captions (at least, for Upper Bracket Homes)

The “For Sale” Home With 82(!) Photos Once upon a time — like, seven years ago — the maximum number of photos on MLS was 10. Then the number was increased to 18, then to 24, and most recently to . . . no limit. The record (so far) for an individual listing since the...
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Caption: “Walk in to Hardwoods & Charm Galore”

“Charm Galore?”  Where? Sorry, I don’t see “charm galore” in the MLS photo (above). I see an empty, darkish room with shadows from one of the windows. Just because the caption (listing agent) says it, doesn’t make it so.
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Pithy MLS Captions

I can’t say that I’ve stumbled across very many memorable Realtor captions on MLS. Which is actually a shame, because — when you consider that MLS allows 18 photos per listing, with space below each for additional verbiage — it represents a stealth marketing opportunity.  But, I did like the one accompanying the photo above, titled...
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"There Goes the Neighborhood?!?"

Substitute Your Own Caption (Here) That’s my caption for the photo at left (sorry, I’ve been reading too many New Yorker cartoons). The house in the photo — being relocated from Crystal to North Minneapolis, next door to clients of mine — was the subject of another post Thursday (“Now, THAT’S a Roadblock!”). Substitute your...
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