November 16, 2015

Caption: “Walk in to Hardwoods & Charm Galore”

“Charm Galore?”  Where? Sorry, I don’t see “charm galore” in the MLS photo (above). I see an empty, darkish room with shadows from one of the windows. Just because the caption (listing agent) says it, doesn’t make it so.
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That “For Sale” Lot is HOW BIG?!?

Smart Marketing:  $10 For Yellow Rope, Wood Stakes Like most people in the neighborhood (not to mention area Realtors), I assumed that the lot for sale just southwest of Cedar Lake in St. Louis Park’s Fern Hill neighborhood was a very narrow rectangle. Not so. What appears to be just the backyard of the home...
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“Now You DON’T See It . . . Now You Do”

Smart Landscaping, or, “What a Difference Three Weeks Makes!” The “it” in question would be the home — make that homes — at 2545 Huntington in St. Louis Park’s Fern Hill neighborhood.  See, “New on the Market:  2545 Huntington for $4.995 Million(!).” What you can’t tell from the two photos is that the row of...
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