Smart Landscaping, or, “What a Difference Three Weeks Makes!”

The “it” in question would be the home — make that homes — at 2545 Huntington in St. Louis Park’s Fern Hill neighborhood.  See, “New on the Market:  2545 Huntington for $4.995 Million(!).”

1_afterWhat you can’t tell from the two photos is that the row of deciduous trees (vs. evergreen) is on the south side of the property.

What difference does that make?

In the summer, when it’s hot (or supposed to be — this IS Minnesota), the trees’ leaves block out the sun.

In the winter, when it’s decidedly not (hot) . . . the bare trees let the sun in.

Smart . . .

P.S.:  The one tree with green leaves in the top photo is the lone tree with now-purple/red leaves in photo #2.

Call it a “late shedder” (vs. “late bloomer”).

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