bay window

Quick! How Many Windows Do You See?

Window Washing “Gotcha’s, or, Avoiding a Paneful Bill (Sorry) How many windows do you count in the bay window pictured above? A. One. B. Ten. C. Sixty. D. One hundred and twenty. Most people would say they’re looking at a single, bay window. A smaller subset might say they see two rows of five windows, for...
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“Bay” vs. “Bow” Windows

Difference With a Distinction My hunch is that most people (including Realtors) don’t know the difference between “bay” and “bow” windows — and therefore use the terms interchangeably. For the record, “bow” windows are curved (like the bow in “bow and arrow”). By contrast, “bay” windows have a series of (obtuse) angles (that is, between...
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Character Clash: The Out-of-Place Bay Window

In general, I’m a HUGE fan of bay windows:  there’s no better way to open up a room, admit light, and punch up a home’s curb appeal. But, it has to be the right home. I don’t know for sure, but I’ve got a hunch that the bay window in this 1924 South Minneapolis home...
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“Dated Upgrades” & Other Real Estate Head Scratchers

The Case of the Downgraded Updated Windows What’s the difference between an “update” and an “upgrade?” Put it this way:  it’s subtle enough that even lots of Realtors who should know better get it wrong. So, here are my definitions: An upgrade is a home feature that builders and remodelers charge extra for. Things like...
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Bay Windows . . . Bay Shower Curtains?!?

Hotel Room as Showroom Floor [Editor’s Note:  the following is another post from my weekend playing “Texas tourist,” while I’m visiting relatives in Arlington, Texas.]  Want an ingenious way to make a bath shower feel more spacious?  (at 6′ 2″ and 220 lbs, you notice such things). Make it bow outwards, extending over the lip of...
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