November 24, 2019

Quick! How Many Windows Do You See?

Window Washing “Gotcha’s, or, Avoiding a Paneful Bill (Sorry) How many windows do you count in the bay window pictured above? A. One. B. Ten. C. Sixty. D. One hundred and twenty. Most people would say they’re looking at a single, bay window. A smaller subset might say they see two rows of five windows, for...
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When to Spend Money on a New Driveway ” & When Not To

Cost: More Than a Furnace, Less than a Roof (Usually) One of the biggest stealth expenses for homeowners is a new driveway. Depending on the driveway’s size and construction material (concrete vs. asphalt), the cost can easily exceed $10k. When should would-be home Sellers contemplate replacing it?** The Consistency Criterion My 2¢: the most important variable...
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Spiking the Ball . . . on the 2 Yard Line

When Doesn’t “Sold” Mean “Sold?” When it comes to residential real estate, when does “Sold” not mean “Sold?” When it means “Pending” (as in, when there’s a big, bold “Sold” sign in front of a “For Sale” home). Huh?!? At least in Minnesota, once the Buyer’s Inspection has been removed,** the convention is to switch...
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