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Jumping the Gun on Networking

The TOO Aggressive Real Estate Agent Can a Realtor be too aggressive?  (See also, “Too Much– and Too Little — Realtor Attention“). At least some people would say “no.” But then, those people have probably never had their home “networked” — without their permission — online. Apparently, that is what just prompted Edina Realty to...
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How to Keep Hardwood Floors Uncovered

(Borrowed) Realtor Tools of the Trade The cobbler’s kids always goes barefoot. –Proverb The physical therapist’s husband’s back always aches. –Corollary Being married to a physical therapist doesn’t guaranty me free treatment for my achy back; on the contrary, that’s the last thing my wife is interested in doing after attending to patients all day....
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"Hut. Hut. Hut."

Quarterbacks, Football and Otherwise “5897.” “T-Y-R” “927-5201 “ “525-8800” “377.” Brett Favre at the line of scrimmage? Try, the listing agent (me) imparting to the Buyer the various house codes and contact information at the closing (my client, the Seller, was out-of-town, and had pre-signed). Those numbers and codes (not the real numbers) correspond to:...
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Multiple Offers . . . in Progress

“Hmm, I Wonder Where That Lockbox Key Went??” An interesting little contest is shaping up over a certain Twin Cities foreclosure that came on the market yesterday for 50% of its tax assessed value. I am withholding the address because I have a client interested in buying it, but here’s the background: A saved search...
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Talking Heads & the Housing Market

Missing Voices One of the oddities — at least to me — about selling real estate these days is to peruse Op-Ed pages full of people with opinions about the “true state” of the housing market, its future direction — and what should be done to fix it. Print journalists (there’s an anachronism). Economists. Government...
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Selling to Bill Gates

P.S. to “Know Your Customer” “Yeah, Yeah,” I can hear some of my selling clients saying after reading the previous post. “But what if Bill Gates showed up to buy my house?” If Bill Gates wanted to buy your home, the odds are extremely high that you’d never know it — at least until after...
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