October 21, 2010

House Sitting: What Could Go Wrong?

Hornet Bodies “the Size of AA Batteries” Jonathan Franzen’s non-fiction — and it’s impossible that this story could be made up — is as good as his fiction (“Freedom,” “The Corrections”). Click here for his account of house-sitting for friends in the current New Yorker.
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Communicating with a Realtor

“Shouting” — At Least to a Realtor You can tell email newbie’s because they start out USING ALL CAPS, until someone they’ve sent an email to lets them know that that’s the online equivalent of shouting. What’s the equivalent to a Realtor, whose success depends on quickly and efficiently communicating with lots of people, and...
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Multiple Offers . . . in Progress

“Hmm, I Wonder Where That Lockbox Key Went??” An interesting little contest is shaping up over a certain Twin Cities foreclosure that came on the market yesterday for 50% of its tax assessed value. I am withholding the address because I have a client interested in buying it, but here’s the background: A saved search...
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