Real Estate Term of the Day: “Puff Back”

Your first year in real estate, every term is a new term. Your 16th year, not so much . . . Now, I’m lucky if I learn 1-2 new (to me) real estate terms per year — usually at a continuing ed class I attend outside my region. Egg Soot on Your Face So, at least one...
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Brexit’s Effect(s) on the U.S., Twin Cities Housing Market

(Even) Lower Interest Rates vs. Weaker Economy “It’s too soon to tell.” –Chinese leader Mao Tse-tung, when asked — in 1948(!) — about the historical significance of the French Revolution. To accurately assess the potential effect of Brexit on the housing market, one must first identify and analyze the biggest variables. Here’s my take: Positives...
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Rise of the Have-Not’s — and their Avatar(s)

Brexit’s Aftermath:  Referendum Contagion? It’s bigger than Trump. That’s the instant, inescapable, and more than a little harrowing takeaway from Britain’s vote Thursday to leave the European Union (“Brexit”). What’s less clear:  1) how far will the pendulum swing towards protectionism?; 2) who will be the leaders of this nascent movement?; and 3) whose agenda(s)...
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The Most Hated Man in America Right Now?

 . . . and the Mother of All PR Nightmares If I’m seeing spontaneous outpourings of grief for slain lion Cecil in my office, on Facebook, etc. — and I am — I assume that you can multiply that by thousands (tens of thousands?) nationally. It’s hardly good news that the culprit is a Minnesotan —...
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