June 25, 2016

Rise of the Have-Not’s — and their Avatar(s)

Brexit’s Aftermath:  Referendum Contagion? It’s bigger than Trump. That’s the instant, inescapable, and more than a little harrowing takeaway from Britain’s vote Thursday to leave the European Union (“Brexit”). What’s less clear:  1) how far will the pendulum swing towards protectionism?; 2) who will be the leaders of this nascent movement?; and 3) whose agenda(s)...
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Cars Have Front Horns. Why Not Rear Horns??

New Way to Deal With Tailgaters If the driver in front of you does something they shouldn’t — or doesn’t do something they should (like move when the light turns green) — you honk. Eventually (it IS Minnesota).   🙂 But, what if the offending driver is behind you? Then, it often seems like Driver...
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