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“Premium Economy” Airline Tickets & Other Oxymorons

Shaving the Bologna Ever-Thinner First, Starbucks tried to make me learn Italian. Always bad at languages, I ignored their preferred “venti” and “grande,” and continued to order my (very occasional) “16 oz. skim latte,” same as always. Next, I had to decipher the rental car companies’ vernacular. Let me save you 20 minutes on hold: a...
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“Dear Valuable Customer: Congratulations on Your One Year Anniversary. Here’s 7 Cents!”

Thanks for (Almost) Nothing No, that’s not actually what the email from my cell phone carrier (rhymes with “Schmerizon”) said earlier this week. That would be this: “It’s time to celebrate!  Thank you for another year. In honor of your account anniversary, we’ve added 2,000 Smart Rewards points to your balance. Now, that’s a sweet...
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Twin Cities’ Best (and Worst) Customer Loyalty Programs

Buy HOW MANY to Get One Free?? In the course of being out and about doing “Realtor stuff,” I frequent A LOT of neighborhood restaurants, coffee shops, etc. I’m also an inveterate bargain hunter. Combine the two . . . . and you get someone who knows — at least anecdotally — which establishments have the best...
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