December 22, 2018

Now, THAT’S What I Call a Designated Driver!

I’m sure I’m not the only parent of a college-age offspring home on winter break who — while happy to see their kids going out at night with their friends — worries just a little about whether they’re being responsible. In my son’s case, it helps that one of his high school buddies is now...
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“Premium Economy” Airline Tickets & Other Oxymorons

Shaving the Bologna Ever-Thinner First, Starbucks tried to make me learn Italian. Always bad at languages, I ignored their preferred “venti” and “grande,” and continued to order my (very occasional) “16 oz. skim latte,” same as always. Next, I had to decipher the rental car companies’ vernacular. Let me save you 20 minutes on hold: a...
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“Mid-Century Modern?” Or Just “Mid-Century?”

The “You Know it When You See it” Test While it’s true that every Mid-Century Modern home was built in the 1950’s (or thereabouts), it’s decidedly NOT the case that every home built in the 1950’s is a “Mid-Century Modern.” In fact, in real life, very few are. On MLS, for every home that I...
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