Use the Bathroom Already. Please!

Practicing Gender Diversity in the Restroom Oh, to go back to a simpler, more innocent time — like three(?) years ago — when bathroom gender battles occupied the nation’s spare moments. You know, not subjects like border walls, Trump tweets, environmental plundering, and Russian collusion. So, who should be able to use public bathrooms? Correct...
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Many Upsides — But 1 Downside — to an 8 a.m. Closing

Closing Checklist  . . . for Listing Agents I actually like 8 a.m. closings for a lot of reasons, especially when title companies are swamped (like now). If there’s a hitch with wired funds, there’s plenty of time to correct it; there’s no chance of a glitch in the closing(s) before delaying yours; clients are...
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Creative Lockbox Placement: Exhibit A

Buyer’s Agent:  ‘Where on Earth is the Lockbox?!? Oh, THERE It Is!” The vast majority of the time, the easiest and best place to locate a lockbox — holding the key(s) the Buyer’s agent needs to access the home — is the front door. However, sometimes that’s not possible because there’s nothing to securely attach...
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Why It’s a Good Idea for the Realtor to Show Up 5 Minutes Early for a Showing

Keys, Keys, Keys I don’t recall ever being confronted with 3(!) deadbolt locks before — the case at an Edina duplex I showed earlier this week. Figuring out which one worked is just one of the challenges that Buyers’ agents face. First, they need to pop open the lockbox that contains all those keys. Step...
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Home Selling Logistics: “Do I Need to Be Home to Let Them In?”

Big and Little Home Seller Questions Examples of big questions that home sellers must grapple with include, “How much should I list for?” and “What prep should I do beforehand?” At the other extreme are little — but still important — questions such as, “Do I need to be home to let the city inspector...
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Now, THAT’S “Burying the Lead”*

“No Stairs to Basement” “Use caution, stairs removed leading to lowest level.  Be sure to turn off all lights and lock all doors.” –Showing instructions, MLS listing Showing instructions are usually pretty mundane:  besides telling the Buyer’s agent the access code and lockbox location, they typically just request that the showing agent “please remove shoes,...
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