March 25, 2012

The Case of the Incredible Shrinking Star Trib Op-Ed Page

Not Your Father’s Newspaper Once upon a time, the Star Tribune Op-Ed page was a must-read forum where Twin Cities leaders aired and exchanged ideas (including a couple pieces contributed by yours truly). As advertising migrated online and newspapers began their epic decline, the Star Tribune Op-Ed page instead became a forum for recycled opinion pieces first...
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Spring Cleaning Complication

Last Year’s Leaves If you live in Minneapolis (I do), have a big yard (I do), and raked a fair amount of leaves last November after the last city pickup (I did), you may be facing the same problem I am:  Minneapolis announced over the winter that all yard waste must be disposed of in biodegradable...
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The Problem(s) With Real Estate Coaches

If you’re not a Realtor, you’ve never heard of ’em. If you are . . . you doubtless have at least a passing acquaintance with such national real estate trainers as Floyd Wickman and Brian Buffini. Realtors (like me) who’ve taken one of their training courses know firsthand what great speakers these guys are, and how entertaining they can be. It’s also...
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