Last Year’s Leaves

If you live in Minneapolis (I do), have a big yard (I do), and raked a fair amount of leaves last November after the last city pickup (I did), you may be facing the same problem I am:  Minneapolis announced over the winter that all yard waste must be disposed of in biodegradable plastic or paper bags.

In my case, that means now transferring a couple hundred pounds of decomposing leaves from sturdy, black plastic bags to  . . . containers that the city will actually pick up.

Y-u-c-k!! (I resisted the tempation to use an “F” instead of a “Y”).

“New Wine in Old Bottles?”  Try, Old Leaves in New Bags

According to the salesperson I talked to at Fleet Farm, the biodegradable plastic bags are so flimsy they fall apart and/or tear practically as you pick them up.

At $5 for a six-bag container, they’re also not cheap.

That, um . . . leaves paper bags, which are a better deal ($2 for 5), but  . . . uh, leave you wondering how well they’ll hold up if they sit in the rain, curbside, for any length of time.

P.S.:  Hey, Minneapolis!  How about a Grandfather clause for last year’s leaves?

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