Minneapolis Values vs. Manhattan

Let’s Hear it For Hoigaard’s! “Everyone should live in California, but leave before they get soft.  Everyone should live in Manhattan, but leave before they get hard.” –anonymous I’ve got nothing against Manhattan:  I’ve lived there, got married there, and enjoy visiting family and friends there. But, I’d rather live (and raise my kids) in...
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Home Warranty Coverage Confusion

Better Read the Fine Print — and Take Good Notes Along with the proliferation of home warranties in home sales — the option to include such a warranty is now baked into Minnesota’s standard Purchase Agreement — has come (at least to this practitioner) a spike in complexity as well. Here’s just a partial list...
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How to Void a Freezer Warranty

“Live and Learn” Dept. For about a decade, my family has been paying for a deluxe home warranty covering our HVAC, all appliances, and even our main sewer connection. Also included:  our backup, standalone freezer. Or so we thought all these years. “Location, Location, Location” We found out otherwise when the freezer’s compressor failed the...
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