August 3, 2015

How to Void a Freezer Warranty

“Live and Learn” Dept. For about a decade, my family has been paying for a deluxe home warranty covering our HVAC, all appliances, and even our main sewer connection. Also included:  our backup, standalone freezer. Or so we thought all these years. “Location, Location, Location” We found out otherwise when the freezer’s compressor failed the...
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“New and Improved”: More Room to Market on MLS!

Too Much of a Good Thing? Imagine Tweets suddenly going from 140 characters and spaces to  . . . more than triple that. That’s sort of what happened on MLS last week. Since at least . . . uhh, forever, the amount of space allocated to “Agent” and “Public Remarks”  was 155 characters. Now? Five hundred....
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