up-and-coming neighborhood

“The Dumpster Indicator” for Spotting Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods (the bigger the dumpster, the better)

Housing Market Bellwether One dumpster on a block is meaningless. Two, and I start to pay attention. However, three or more dumpsters on a block — especially big ones — can only mean one thing:  the housing stock in the neighborhood is getting a big upgrade, either from exiting homeowners or — more likely —...
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Up-and-Coming Minneapolis Neighborhoods: Kingfield North

“Eat Street South” The stretch of Nicollet Avenue north of Lake Street — between Franklin & 29th Street — gets more acclaim as a food destination. But, its counterpart on the south side of Lake Street is the real surprise. Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker Coffee Shops The intersection at 38th & Nicollet now has...
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How to Size Up a Neighborhood

“The Contractor Quotient” There are lots of ways to size up a neighborhood (and divine its direction):  check out the local schools, talk to people who actually live there, research demographics and income, etc. But one of my favorite ways is to simply drive it during weekday business hours, and look for contractor trucks (and relatedly,...
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