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Cabin Conspiracy: “Getting Away to the Lake for the Weekend”

Stretch of +90º Temps in the Twin Cities? Time to Head (Even Further) North This will no doubt come as sacrilege to many Minnesotans — and isn’t going to endear me to my colleagues who specialize in selling 2nd homes up north — but here goes: my theory about why so many of my fellow...
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Free Flocking

I’ll leave it to meteorologists to explain what causes it (temperature inversion? freezing fog?). Whatever the reason, the Twin Cities woke up to an especially pretty, late Winter scene this morning. Enjoy it while you can: temps in the 50’s by the weekend will make the effect short-lived.
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(Late) Winter Walk Shortcut

Thinking Outside the Box Inside the Circle I wouldn’t try it even a week from now — local temps are supposed to soar into the 60’s soon. However, at least for now, there’s a quick shortcut for anyone running late on their walk around Minneapolis’ Lake Calhoun: cut across the ice. 🙂 Have a nice...
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Winter Walk Shortcut

Thinking Outside the Box Inside the Circle I definitely prefer walking around Lake Calhoun in the summer-time. For one thing, the people watching is better ” there are more of them about, and, minus the bulky winter clothing, you can actually tell the genders apart. For another, you don’t have to worry about below zero...
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“On Golden Pond?” Sort Of

All Alone . . . in the Middle of 3 Million People OK, so “On Fuchsia Pond” doesn’t have the same ring to it as “On Golden Pond,” the 1981 movie starring Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn. And the body of water that’s pictured above and below left isn’t a pond — it’s Minneapolis’ Lake...
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High Temp in Twin Cities Today: 18° (Never Mind the Wind Chill)

At least to me, there are two things that are depressing about a high temp of 18° locally today, in what the calendar says is still officially mid-Fall: 1) the high temperature today was eighteen #$!&!% degrees; and 2) somehow, that merely ties the Twin Cities record for November 11 (gives you a sense of...
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