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Remind Buyer to Do Their Walk-Thru Inspection? Depends Who You’re Representing

Dual Agency Dilemma #17 Never having represented both the Buyer and Seller in the same transaction (I consider it a classic conflict of interest), one of the questions I have for agents who do act as dual agents is, “how do you navigate things like the Buyer’s walk-thru inspection? Provided for in the standard Minnesota Purchase...
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“Stunning Home Only Available Due to Seller Relocation”

Telling Buyers Why the Owner is Selling You see it all the time on MLS:  a listing agent who trumpets that a home is “only available due to Seller relocation.” Such verbiage is: A. Smart marketing, because it lets prospective Buyers know why the property is available. B. Neither a marketing plus nor minus. C. A violation of...
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Home Seller Questionnaire

Providing Useful Info to Buyers/ Heightening a Home’s Emotional Appeal “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” –Attributed to Picasso. I think most good Realtors informally debrief their selling clients about their home’s emotional “hot buttons”:  what they love about their home, neighborhood, etc. But, consummate Edina Realty agent Bill Minge does it explicitly, via a...
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“Could have mother-in-law apt or air b&b” (sic) — Agent Remarks, MLS

Monetizing a Mother-in-Law Apartment (Maybe) Are Twin Cities homeowners renting out their homes and extra bedrooms on Airbnb? Undoubtedly. In their capacity as listing agent (representing the Seller), should Realtors be touting a home’s (short-term) rental potential? I’m not so sure. Municipal Zoning That’s because I have no idea what local zoning codes say about weekly or...
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