September 12, 2016

“Stunning Home Only Available Due to Seller Relocation”

Telling Buyers Why the Owner is Selling You see it all the time on MLS:  a listing agent who trumpets that a home is “only available due to Seller relocation.” Such verbiage is: A. Smart marketing, because it lets prospective Buyers know why the property is available. B. Neither a marketing plus nor minus. C. A violation of...
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“Seller Will Provide Access to Attic(s) and Crawlspace(s)”

Tweaks to 2016-2017 Inspection Contingency One of the more awkward moments in any Buyer’s home inspection is when the Buyer’s contractor finally succeeds in opening the ceiling panel accessing the attic or crawl space — only to have a pile of debris rain down on them (and perhaps, the Seller’s brand-new hall carpeting). Or, the...
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