Twin Cities housing inventory

The 3 Types of Markets: Seller’s, Buyer’s, and . . . . ???

Hint:  What’s In Between a Buyer’s and Seller’s Market? Along with most large metro housing markets, the Twin Cities has favored Sellers for so long — about 5 years now — that Buyers and Seller (if not their agents) can be forgiven for forgetting that there are two other kinds of markets. The first is...
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Planning For — and Around — July 4, 2018

Market Timers vs. “Full Steam Ahead” I’ve got my own theory why listing agents — and their clients — are so flummoxed by July 4 this year: it’s the first time it’s fallen on a Wednesday in six years, and only the third Wednesday July 4 in over two decades. Half the Realtors selling real estate weren’t...
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Hey! Where’d All the “For Sale” Signs Go??

Shrinking Twin Cities Housing Inventory It’s been awhile since I tooled around my old, Southwest Minneapolis stomping grounds. And, prior to the election, it seemed like every other front yard had one big sign or another in it. But, with those all gone, and the trees and yards pre-Winter bare, I was struck by how...
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Hey! What Happened to All the Inventory?!?

Lack of Supply = Higher Prices? Fellow Edina Realty agent (and blogger) Aaron Dickinson has a nice post shining a spotlight on a lightly heralded, not-so-overnight housing market development:  the lack of Twin Cities homes for sale. In fact, as Aaron notes, the number of homes on the market locally in October — just over 21,000...
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