November 13, 2011

Hey! What Happened to All the Inventory?!?

Lack of Supply = Higher Prices? Fellow Edina Realty agent (and blogger) Aaron Dickinson has a nice post shining a spotlight on a lightly heralded, not-so-overnight housing market development:  the lack of Twin Cities homes for sale. In fact, as Aaron notes, the number of homes on the market locally in October — just over 21,000...
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Solving the Housing Crisis — Take 2

Swapping Underwater Mortgages on Craig’s List One of the most popular posts ever on this blog, “Groupon for Underwater Homeowners,” made the case that underwater homeowners could exert heretofore missing leverage over their lenders by teaming up and negotiating as a group (“groupon”). Seeing as no one (so far) has bit on that idea, I’m now offering up solution...
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