July 1, 2018

Planning For — and Around — July 4, 2018

Market Timers vs. “Full Steam Ahead” I’ve got my own theory why listing agents — and their clients — are so flummoxed by July 4 this year: it’s the first time it’s fallen on a Wednesday in six years, and only the third Wednesday July 4 in over two decades. Half the Realtors selling real estate weren’t...
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How Much Staging Does a Home Need to Be “Well-Staged?”

Bonus Question:  “What Can You Skip?” I don’t know that there’s a rule of thumb — or a formula — for determining exactly when a home is (very) well-staged. The closest I’ve got is this:  “A home is well-staged when all of its unique attributes are identified and optimally showcased, and any Achilles’ Heels have...
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