Minnesota Monthly’s “Best Real Estate Professionals in Minnesota 2017″**

“Realtor” vs. “Real Estate Agent” vs. “Executive Realtor” (Huh?!?) I know the term “Realtor®” — it’s actually a trademarked name that refers to someone who belongs to the National Association of Realtors (“NAR”). Then there are plain-old real estate agents — licensed professionals who don’t belong to NAR. Similarly, the terms “agent,” “sales associate,” “broker”...
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“Earth” Bananas

“The Martian Bananas Aren’t in til Next Week” I’ve previously had some fun with Whole Foods’ somewhat preening labeling and marketing practices (see, “Stolen Bread“; “Conformist Grapefruit“). OK, not “somewhat” — a lot. In that vein, it’s hard not to poke a little fun at a display I saw while shopping yesterday labeled “Earth Bananas.”...
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