February 2, 2012

“Hey, Mark! Call Me!”

“Zuckerberg IPO Haul Could Top $28 Billion”  — WSJ So, exactly how much is $28 billion, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s reported stake in the about-to-go-public company? Enough to buy the nicest home in the Twin Cities. And every other home, too.  (Actually, just in Minneapolis and St. Paul). I got that by dividing $28 billion by...
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“Contagion” Movie Review: Minneapolis as (Fictional) Ground Zero

Would That Be Product Un-Placement?  It’s disconcerting enough to see the (all too) realistic depiction of social breakdown, martial law, etc. that follow in the wake of a nightmarish global health epidemic. However, when the one of the cities so portrayed is Minneapolis . . . it’s almost literally a little too close to home. Story...
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Facilitated Deals and Stealth Comp’s

Under Off the Radar In theory, to do a market analysis for a given home, you (“you” being a Realtor or Appraiser) log on to MLS, and do a search for similar, nearby homes that have sold within the last six months. Those are called “Comp’s,” and the magic number is three, good ones. Step...
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“Earth” Bananas

“The Martian Bananas Aren’t in til Next Week” I’ve previously had some fun with Whole Foods’ somewhat preening labeling and marketing practices (see, “Stolen Bread“; “Conformist Grapefruit“). OK, not “somewhat” — a lot. In that vein, it’s hard not to poke a little fun at a display I saw while shopping yesterday labeled “Earth Bananas.”...
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