5. Kris Lindahl’s “Guaranteed Offer” for Would-be Home Sellers: Exactly What Part is Guaranteed?

Fine Print: You “May or May Not” Get an Offer  [Note to Readers: The views expressed here are solely those of Ross Kaplan, and do not represent Edina Realty, Berkshire Hathaway (“Berkshire”), or any other entity referenced. Edina Realty is a subsidiary of Berkshire.] It turns out there are three main catches (at least) with Twin Cities...
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Lazy (or Newbie) Realtor? Not Necessarily

Buyer’s Agent: “Can You Please Send Me the Seller Disclosures?” You’re a busy, well-prepared listing agent (OK, me) who has both uploaded the various Seller disclosures** to MLS, and provided hard copies in the “For Sale” home. Nevertheless, the Buyer’s agent contacts you to ask that you send them that information directly. When is that...
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Just One Home Inspection in Today’s Housing Market? Try 4 (or 8, or 9!!)

Worst-Case Scenario Don’t feel too sorry for homeowners:  in today’s Seller’s market, they’re calling the shots (and getting top dollar). But, if you want to see Sellers in a more sympathetic light, consider this:  selling a home now can involve not one inspection, but — including required re-inspections — eight to ten(!) separate visits, depending on the Buyer’s financing;...
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MLS Agent Remarks: “Terrific House in Convenient Location. Clean TISH”

“Clean Litter Box . . . Clean Chimney . . . Clean TISH(?!?) No, the listing agent isn’t touting the condition of some obscure new appliance, or instructing anyone to clean anything. They’re referring to the municipal Truth in Sale of Housing inspection. Public vs. Private Home Inspection Required by about a dozen municipalities locally,...
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When is it Smart to Market a Clean “Point-of-Sale” Inspection?

Playing Offense vs. Defense About a dozen Twin Cities municipalities have them:  a city-required home inspection that must be completed before homeowners can transfer title to a Buyer at closing. Leaving aside the merits of such inspections, when does it make sense for Sellers — and their agents — to market that the home has passed...
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Tricky Twin Cities Boundaries

“Four Three Corners” At least to my knowledge, there’s no one spot in the Twin Cities where four municipalities all touch (sort of like “Four Corners” in the U.S. Southwest, where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona all meet — and somebody limber enough can straddle all of them.  See photo, above). But, I’m aware of at least three...
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