June 11, 2017

Just One Home Inspection in Today’s Housing Market? Try 4 (or 8, or 9!!)

Worst-Case Scenario Don’t feel too sorry for homeowners:  in today’s Seller’s market, they’re calling the shots (and getting top dollar). But, if you want to see Sellers in a more sympathetic light, consider this:  selling a home now can involve not one inspection, but — including required re-inspections — eight to ten(!) separate visits, depending on the Buyer’s financing;...
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“Get Big Money Out of Politics”: That’s a Reform Slogan, Right?!?

“Out of” vs. “From” OK, I’m pretty sure whoever is behind “” is against — not for — torrents of cash subverting the political process. Unfortunately, “get big money out of politics” also describes what corrupt politicians do. You might even say that’s their primary goal. Nobody asked me, but I might have tweaked the bumper sticker...
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Good Aim!

No One Hurt, (Almost) Nothing Damaged The owner of the home at Sunset Blvd. and Inglewood in Fern Hill (less than one-half block from Edina Realty – City Lakes) lucked out on three counts this morning:  1) the storm and high winds that toppled their tree dropped it away from the house; 2) the tree landed on...
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