October 26, 2016

“You Mean the House ISN’T Haunted?!? I’m Suing!”

Man Bites Dog ” Real Estate Edition One of the odder anecdotes from a continuing ed class the other week was the hapless home seller who got sued not because their house was haunted ” but because it wasn’t. Apparently, the Seller had disclosed in their Minnesota Seller’s Disclosure that the home had experienced “paranormal activity.”...
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MLS Agent Remarks: “Terrific House in Convenient Location. Clean TISH”

“Clean Litter Box . . . Clean Chimney . . . Clean TISH(?!?) No, the listing agent isn’t touting the condition of some obscure new appliance, or instructing anyone to clean anything. They’re referring to the municipal Truth in Sale of Housing inspection. Public vs. Private Home Inspection Required by about a dozen municipalities locally,...
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