Tim Pawlenty

THAT’S “Returning to the Private Sector”?!?

Pawlenty Takes Top Lobbying Job Pawlenty’s exit from the public stage should be applauded, [former Pawlenthy aide Brian] McClung said.  “It’s what the founders had in mind when our system was created,” he said.  “Pundits and the chattering class often seem confounded when someone chooses to do what Governor Pawlenty is doing, but it’s a good...
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“How Experienced is Michele Bachmann?”

Underestimating Bachmann No, I’m not going to weigh in on Michele Bachmann’s Presidential qualifications (at least not on this blog), or otherwise endorse — or pan — individual Presidential aspirants. But I do have an observation regarding Michele Bachmann’s experience, which seems to be a big question mark on the heels of her Iowa Straw Poll...
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Gail Collins on "T-Paw"

Pawlenty Makes The NY Times It’s always a kick when a national columnist takes a poke at local, Minnesota politician. In this case, The New York Times’ Gail Collins has a little fun in her column this morning contrasting Governor Tim Pawlenty’s angry, “red meat” rhetoric to conservatives with his decidedly mild manner — and...
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"Hand me Down" Political Slogans

Somebody’s Got it Wrong If you don’t live in Minnesota, you’re excused for not knowing that our Governor, Tim Pawlenty, is not standing for re-election, and is instead running for President. His platform: he cleaned up the mess at the (state) Capitol, imposed fiscal discipline, and united both parties — and can do the same...
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