August 14, 2011

“How Experienced is Michele Bachmann?”

Underestimating Bachmann No, I’m not going to weigh in on Michele Bachmann’s Presidential qualifications (at least not on this blog), or otherwise endorse — or pan — individual Presidential aspirants. But I do have an observation regarding Michele Bachmann’s experience, which seems to be a big question mark on the heels of her Iowa Straw Poll...
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Where are the New Home Buyers?

Alternative Theory:  Weighed Down by Debt One of the most overlooked factors driving the housing market is the rate of household formation. When people graduate from renting apartments to buying homes, get married and start families, etc., housing demand strengthens; when the number of households contract — as happens in recessions — housing demand weakens....
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“26,543 Reasons to Attend Our Community College”

They Know About Kindle, Right? One of the cheesier ads currently on display in New York subways — and it’s a crowded category, pun intended — is an ad that blares that there are “26,543 Reasons to Attend Our Community College.” So, what are 21,925 of them? The number of books in the College’s library. They do know about Kindle,...
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