Tim Geithner

From “Tall Paul” to “Tiny Tim”: Parsing the Puzzle(s) of Tim Geithner, 5+ Years After “The Crash”

In Over His Head (The $64B Question:  ‘How’d He Get There?’) At least to me, the truly provocative question about former Treasury Secretary and New York Federal Reserve President Tim Geithner isn’t what was going on at the senior-most levels of government during the height (depth?) of The 2008 Financial Crash (sorry, “Great Recession” is a...
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Fixing Wall Street: "So, What Do You Do NOW?"

Looking for the New Volcker’s Regular readers of this blog know that I could hardly be a harsher critic of modern-day Wall Street: its practices; its obscene pay for little or no economic contribution (“Wall Street is Worthless“); and its corrupting influence on our government and society generally. And I’ve got plenty of company. As...
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The "Driver Ed" Response to the Financial Crisis

Geithner: ‘Increase Financial Literacy’ I wish it were from The Onion, but unfortunately, it’s not: While Americans from Wall Street to Main Street focus on much-needed financial reforms that will set and enforce clear rules across the financial marketplace, we also need to recognize that most Americans don’t have the knowledge and skills they need...
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China, cont.

“Geithner Says China Has Faith in U.S.” –headline, The New York Times (6/3/09) [Editor’s Note: Sorry, I’m on a China kick — just one more in that vein. And yes, it does bear on real estate. In fact, whether China keeps buying U.S. debt — and therefore whether mortgage rates stay low — is probably...
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Thumbs Down?

Pundits Weigh in on Geithner Plan Thanks to the FDIC’s loan guarantee, there is a big upside if the assets do well. That upside is there to lure the rich guys in. That is why the big funds were happy; that is why the stock market went up. For the high rollers, this casino could...
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China: Keep Your Dollars

Is the U.S. Dollar a “Legacy Currency”? “China Urges New Money Reserve to Replace the Dollar”—The New York Times (3/24/09)Legacy: of, relating to, or being a previous or outdated computer system. Here’s a tip: when someone refers to something as a “legacy [blank],” it’s not a compliment (or a good omen). So it’s unnerving —...
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