December 1, 2010

"Non-Buyer’s Remorse"

Coaching 1st-Time BuyersEveryone knows what Buyer’s remorse is: the feeling you get, after you’ve bought something, that you just made a horrible mistake. So, what is non-Buyer’s remorse? The feeling you get when you find out that the house you were furiously deliberating about buying, instead sold to someone else. I counsel first-time Buyers weighing...
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“Guaranteed” Pre-Approval Letters

Porous Guaranty; or, “But, Can You Take it to the Bank?” I feel the same way about “guaranteed” Pre-Approval Letters that I do about “guaranteed” pizza delivery or promises of “on-time” service calls by my cable company: a) Officially dubious; and b) Reminded of the reason companies (often) need to offer such promises in the...
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Fixing Wall Street: "So, What Do You Do NOW?"

Looking for the New Volcker’s Regular readers of this blog know that I could hardly be a harsher critic of modern-day Wall Street: its practices; its obscene pay for little or no economic contribution (“Wall Street is Worthless“); and its corrupting influence on our government and society generally. And I’ve got plenty of company. As...
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Dividends & Blog Hits

Do you know the only thing to give me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends coming in. –John D. Rockefeller Trust me, I have very little in common with John D. Rockefeller, starting with my balance sheet. And blog hits don’t pay the bills — commission checks do. But I confess, substitute “blog hits” for...
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