ticket prices

“Let My People Go . . . to the Movies!”**

A Little Passover Irony, or “Wait a Second!  Isn’t ‘Exodus’ Associated with Getting OUT??” I’ve made my peace with paying close to $10 for a movie ticket. However, $4 for a smallish candy bar or a box of M&M’s is another thing. So — full confession — we Kaplan’s have been known to smuggle a...
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Coming Soon: Year-Round Pro Football?

Coping With “NFL Withdrawal”:  T-Minus 22 Weeks Until Next Season “NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has set a goal to push annual revenues to $25 billion by 2027.” –ESPN If you want to triple revenues as Goodell aims to do, there are really only four strategies: 1. Sell more tickets (by adding franchises, building bigger stadiums, etc.);...
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Minneapolis’ Biggest Fixer-Upper

Good Bones, But Needs Rehab Age:  20-plus years Square feet:  830,000 Location :  Downtown Minneapolis How much:  estimated rehab budget of $120 million. Unless your fixer upper happens to host NBA games, don’t expect Mayor R.T. Rybak to propose a “public-private partnership” to help defray your costs. Yet, that’s exactly what’s being contemplated to help...
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