February 15, 2014

Makeshift Memorial in Front of Calhoun Village

Pedestrian Accident Aftermath Heading east near Lake Calhoun last Wednesday evening, I was sure that I was witnessing the aftermath of a high-speed chase, or perhaps a robbery:  squad cars everywhere, acres of yellow police tape cordoning off side streets, traffic backed up in every direction for blocks. It turns out that what had just...
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Does Amazon Violate U.S. Antitrust Law?

The World’s Biggest Non-Profit (or is that, “No-Profit For-Profit?) “Pred·a·to·ry pric·ing” (noun):  pricing of goods or services at such a low level that other suppliers cannot compete and are forced to leave the market. –Wikipedia “Meager as Amazon’s 2013 profits were, they represented a small improvement from 2012, when it actually lost money. Even with the...
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Coming Soon: Year-Round Pro Football?

Coping With “NFL Withdrawal”:  T-Minus 22 Weeks Until Next Season “NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has set a goal to push annual revenues to $25 billion by 2027.” –ESPN If you want to triple revenues as Goodell aims to do, there are really only four strategies: 1. Sell more tickets (by adding franchises, building bigger stadiums, etc.);...
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