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On Sale? Yes. Cheap? Not Exactly.

Morel Mushrooms at The Wedge for 33% Off The distinction between “on sale” and “cheap” is nicely illustrated by the morel mushrooms currently on sale for $39.99/lb.(!) at The Wedge Co-op on Lyndale in Minneapolis. And yes, the principle is frequently on display in residential real estate sales. Unfortunately, neither the Kaplan family budget nor...
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What’s Up in . . . The Wedge

Did Straight-Line Winds Do That? At first blush, it looks like straight-line winds damaged the second floor of this east-facing duplex in The Wedge. After all, there’s a fresh tree stump on the south side of the property, indicating that last month’s storm came roaring through here. But, upon closer examination, it’s apparent that the...
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Sunday Morning Snippets — Uptown Edition

Blog Bartering Thanks to Sunrise Cyclery at Bryant and Lake Street in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood. First for being open at 10:15 a.m. this morning (all the other Uptown bike shops apparently open at noon on Sunday); and second, for adjusting my 9 year-old son’s bike at no charge. Hey guys, how about a free plug instead? ...
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Is Combining Housing and Agriculture a Good Idea?

“Agriculture is the New Golf” The sentiment is practically out of Thoreau: Why not line streets with almond and avocado trees, or replace shrubbery with cabbage and currants? Golf courses could plant their roughs with kale and corn. Lawns”where they must exist”could be edged with chives and herbs. –Stephanie Simon, “An Apple Tree Grows in...
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“You might not be from Minneapolis if . .”

(Non-Local) Realtor Gaffes and Flubs You might be a redneck if you think Sherlock Holmes is a housing project down in Biloxi. –Jeff Foxworthy, comedian In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy’s “you might be a redneck if  . . .” litany of jokes, I thought I’d offer my own Minneapolis-based Realtor version — mostly drawn from my...
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Weekend Food Deals — Best & Worst

Cashing in on Couch Potatoes For bargain hunters such as myself, The Wedge’s current deal on Muir Glen pasta sauce is like hitting the jackpot. Instead of the usual $4 or so per jar, The Wedge is selling Muir Glen for $2.50. And that’s before a $1 Muir Glen coupon for every two jars purchased....
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