“Pssst! Technorati! Over Here!”

Blog Housekeeping Notes Well, it’s not exactly a surprise. But after peaking at a worldwide ranking of around 17,000 in December (out of 3 million or so ranked blogs), City Lakes Real Estate’s ranking on Technorati –the Nielsen’s of the blogosphere — has now flat-lined at . . . . 1. “We’re #1!  We’re #1!” What happened? I...
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Topping the Charts . . . In India??!!

Worldwide Blog Rankings This blog’s worldwide ranking, at least according to Technorati, continues to be about 19,000 (given that there are at least 5 million ranked blogs, that translates into the 99.7% percentile!). While I can’t prove it, I’m convinced that this blog’s ranking in India is much higher. That’s because City Lakes Real Estate...
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Realtor "Blocking & Tackling"

Key to Successful Listing: Attending to Basics This blog’s classification on Technorati not under “Real Estate” but “Football” (“Dear Technorati“) has had me thinking in terms of — you guessed it! — football metaphors. Like this one: just as football games are supposedly won “in the trenches,” with good blocking and tackling, so, too, are...
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Quick! Name Everyone on the 1969 Vikings Roster

“Dear Technorati: Please Check Your Classifications” Well, yes, as a matter of fact I can rattle off practically every player from the 1969 Minnesota Vikings’ football roster, starting with Joe Kapp and Alan Page. Still, I’m pretty sure that’s not why — at least according to Technorati — this blog is ranked in the top...
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Shameless Ratings Ploy

So, at least according to Technorati, the City Lakes Real Estate blog ranking has been slipping lately (I haven’t a clue why — in fact, it seems like traffic is up). At the same time, it seems like whenever I mention a large company, either they or their public relations firm or lawyers immediately scope...
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Minnesota’s Highest-Rated Real Estate Blog!

17,000 – With a Bullet! What’s Minnesota’s highest-rated real estate blog? You’re reading it! According to Technorati, which keeps track, “City Lakes Real Estate” is now ranked about 17,000 worldwide (it seems to fluctuate a couple hundred places daily). That compares with a ranking of around 1.4 million this time last year. In fact, Technorati...
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