January 9, 2010

Bank of America: Slashed Dividends, Billions in Pay

Dear Bank of America:Who Do You Think You %!#% Work For??First, a personal disclosure: my wife and I own a couple hundred shares of Bank of America. We’ve owned them for more than a decade, and they are now worth less than what we paid. Adjusted for inflation, we’ve actually lost more than one-third of...
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Minnesota’s Highest-Rated Real Estate Blog!

17,000 – With a Bullet! What’s Minnesota’s highest-rated real estate blog? You’re reading it! According to Technorati, which keeps track, “City Lakes Real Estate” is now ranked about 17,000 worldwide (it seems to fluctuate a couple hundred places daily). That compares with a ranking of around 1.4 million this time last year. In fact, Technorati...
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Foreclosures: 50 Cents on the Dollar

Valuing Foreclosures in 3 Easy Steps Based on showing dozens (hundreds?) of foreclosed properties to clients the last year or so, I’ve developed the following, “ball park” formula for pricing them: Step 1: determine their peak value (usually, sometime in mid-2006). Step 2: Subtract 50%. Step 3: Add or subtract 10% for above or below...
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Occupational — & Weather-related — Hazards

Nasty, No Good, Should Have Stayed-in-Bed Day I suppose it would have been funny if it had happened to someone else. Unfortunately, it happened to me. In the course of getting exterior measurements for a new listing on a very cold Minnesota January day — that would be yesterday — I was walking around the...
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