Occupational — & Weather-related — Hazards

Nasty, No Good, Should Have Stayed-in-Bed Day

I suppose it would have been funny if it had happened to someone else.

Unfortunately, it happened to me.

In the course of getting exterior measurements for a new listing on a very cold Minnesota January day — that would be yesterday — I was walking around the perimeter of the home when suddenly the ground beneath me literally gave way.

It turns out I had stepped on — and through — the very thin covering on top of a window well that was obscured by the snow.

For good measure, my fall broke the moulding on a Living Room window (or vice versa) directly above the window well. Fortunately, I wasn’t otherwise hurt (if you exclude an injured ego).

Adding a few extra insults to injury: first my pen froze, then snow got on my MLS input sheet, making the ink bleed and my measurements illegible.


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Ross Kaplan has 19+ years experience selling real estate all over the Twin Cities. He is also a 12-time consecutive "Super Real Estate Agent," as determined by Mpls. - St. Paul Magazine and Twin Cities Business Magazine. Prior to becoming a Realtor, Ross was an attorney (corporate law), CPA, and entrepreneur. He holds an economics degree from Stanford.

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