July 17, 2010

Real Estate & Acupuncture Parallels

Knowledge + Technique My knowledge of acupuncture is limited to a couple sessions I had with a local practitioner years ago, for headaches. But at least to my layman’s mind, the gist of it seems to be an advanced understanding of the body’s nervous system — specifically, acupressure points — combined with superb technique. Doing...
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Cost-Benefit Analysis on Wall Street

Goldman Sachs Settles with the SEC Here’s an ethical (and business) dilemma: Would you steal $200,000 if you knew that, if you were caught, the only penalty you faced would be a $5,500 fine? Do the following moral/financial calculation(s) with me. Keep 97% of what you stole. Face no jail time, don’t admit guilt, and...
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Topping the Charts . . . In India??!!

Worldwide Blog Rankings This blog’s worldwide ranking, at least according to Technorati, continues to be about 19,000 (given that there are at least 5 million ranked blogs, that translates into the 99.7% percentile!). While I can’t prove it, I’m convinced that this blog’s ranking in India is much higher. That’s because City Lakes Real Estate...
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