Needed to Go With a Front Car Horn: a REAR Horn

“Yeah, That’s It, Why Don’t You Get a Little CLOSER?!?” When someone driving in front of you does something dumb or dangerous (texting while driving qualifies as both), alert motorists honk. But, what do you do when the aggressive/dumb/inattentive driver is behind you? You could slow down or even hit the brakes, but that seems...
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Cars Have Front Horns. Why Not Rear Horns??

New Way to Deal With Tailgaters If the driver in front of you does something they shouldn’t — or doesn’t do something they should (like move when the light turns green) — you honk. Eventually (it IS Minnesota).   🙂 But, what if the offending driver is behind you? Then, it often seems like Driver...
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“Insider Real Estate Secrets” (& Other Chicago Dispatches)

Garbage In, Garbage Out Never mind that the literature box (below) was located in front of a Chicago coffee shop, not in the Twin Cities (I visited relatives there the other weekend). The crumpled-up newspapers stuffed into it suggest that those “secrets” may not have exactly been gems. “The Tailgate Test” If you want to see...
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Minnesota Nice for “Back Off!”??

Vanity License Plates Not that I ever tailgate, but I’d think twice about getting too close to the car I saw yesterday with the license plate, “IRITABL.” Maybe that’s their point. Or, the owner is named Irit Abelson (“Irit” is a common Israeli name).
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