October 16, 2010

“Always Be . . . Selling”

Lockbox Combo as Marketing Tool After doing a couple thousand showings (and opening that many lockboxes), it’s rare that I run into something unusual — at least that doesn’t involve a foreclosure. But up until today, I can’t say that I’ve ever opened a lockbox where the three letter combination was part of the listing...
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"Must Be One Helluva Place!!"

Rental Double-Takes I assume that I’m not the only Twin Cities Realtor still adjusting to the addition of rental data on MLS (since Sept. 1). So, in addition to finding “for sale” properties on searches I’ve saved for various clients (what Realtors call “hot sheets”), there’s now the stray rental included. If you’re skimming quickly...
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Update: "National Moratorium on Foreclosures"

Make That Four Theories (#4. Overreaction) In my post on Thursday, “National Moratorium on Foreclosures,” I puzzled over the seeming disconnect between the stocks of publicly-traded title insurance companies (barely affected), and the supposed tidal wave of claims headed their way due to defective mortgage foreclosures. I posited three possible explanations: 1) the aforementioned companies...
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Minnesota Nice for “Back Off!”??

Vanity License Plates Not that I ever tailgate, but I’d think twice about getting too close to the car I saw yesterday with the license plate, “IRITABL.” Maybe that’s their point. Or, the owner is named Irit Abelson (“Irit” is a common Israeli name).
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