Seller’s & Buyer’s Markets . . . for Realtor Open Houses, Too

Yes, I know:  when people talk about whether it’s a “Seller’s Market” or a “Buyer’s Market,” they’re referring to whether Buyers or Sellers currently have the upper hand (news flash:  the Twin Cities housing market has strongly favored Sellers the last several years). But, there’s also a pendulum for hosting weekend open houses. Although I personally like...
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“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” — Realtor Version

Divulging Vacation Plans (Or Not) Maybe it’s just my imagination, but the Realtor I’ve been working on a deal with the past month or so was conspicuously silent offering details about his upcoming vacation. And I didn’t ask. Instead, the other agent professionally (and congenially) relayed the bare minimum:   when he was going to...
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Why the Bottom of the Housing Market is Bottoming Out

Playing Housing Market Arbitrage, or, The Substitution Effect to the Rescue   I don’t know about anyone else, but I see an imminent collision — the good kind — between what’s happening in the rental market and the “For Sale” market. In the Twin Cities and nationally, rentals are scarce — and getting scarcer. In the...
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