David Brooks, “White Identitarians,” and Psychobabble

“Recent surveys suggest that . . . maybe 40 percent of Republicans are what you might call conservative white identitarians.  White identitarians are conservative, but their white identity is quite important to them, sometimes even more important than their conservatism.” –David Brooks, “How Trump Kills the GOP” (The New York Times; 8/29/17). At his best,...
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“That Guy’s a Real Ottoman”

Kathleen Madigan: “What’s wrong with calling someone a ‘tool’? Jerry Seinfeld:  “Tools are good.” Kathleen Madigan:  “Right.” Jerry Seinfeld:  “Tools are completely without consciousness.” Kathleen Madigan:  “So are a million things; why aren’t you a ‘chair?’  “That guy’s a chair.” Chuck Martin:  “That guy’s a real Ottoman.” Kathleen Madigan:  “I would go for footstool.  Or...
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Obama & Seinfeld On a (Coffee) Date

Do Not Pass “Go” (or, the White House Front Gate) You do have to make concessions when your subject is The Leader of the Free World. Like, the venue necessarily has to be somewhere in the vicinity of the White House kitchen — not, a trendy coffee shop down the street (a White House security...
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YADA Systems, Inc.

I Hope They Don’t Have Any Workaholics I can just imagine the dinner-time conversation in the household of an over-zealous employee of Roseville-based Yada Systems, Inc. “‘YADA, YADA, YADA’ . . . that’s all you ever talk about,” the beleaguered spouse complains. Sorry — blame it on Seinfeld, not me.   🙂
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What Would "Opposite George" Do?

Recipe for Recovery. Not.If you’ve been on a desert island the last three years or so, here’s a quick synopsis of the financial crisis so far: When the proverbial sh*t hits the fan, as it did beginning in early 2008, you: 1. Reward society’s greediest and most reckless — that would be Wall Street —...
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Bragging Rights, circa 2010

“Steve,” Economic Bellwether Want to know the latest economic and business trends? You could read widely (The NY Times, Wall St. Journal, etc.), conduct lots of surveys, or have keen powers of perception. Or, you could just observe a long-time friend of mine (I’ll call him “Steve” for purposes of this post). A decade ago,...
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