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Do Not Pass “Go” (or, the White House Front Gate)

You do have to make concessions when your subject is The Leader of the Free World.

Like, the venue necessarily has to be somewhere in the vicinity of the White House kitchen — not, a trendy coffee shop down the street (a White House security guard prevents the pair from leaving the grounds).

On the other hand, directions aren’t required:

Seinfeld (driving, on cell phone): “So, you still up for a coffee?
Obama:  “Sure, why don’t you come on by — it’s 1600 Pennsylvania.”
Seinfeld:  “Yeah . . . I know.”

obama seinfeldThe exchange I liked best revealed Obama and Seinfeld’s differing temperaments (if not job descriptions):

Obama:  “Anonymity’s not something ‘ya think about as being valuable.”
Seinfeld:  “With all due respect . . . I remember very well not being famous.”
Obama (confiding):  “You think it was OK?”
Seinfeld (smiling broadly):  “It wasn’t . . that . . great.”

The other snippet I liked was Seinfeld talking about how he keeps perspective:  “I fell in love with the work.  And the work was joyful. And difficult.  And interesting.  And that was my focus.”

Their personalities and current roles aside, you definitely get the impression that it’s more fun to be Seinfeld.

Here’s a link to the “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” segment, which just kicked off the show’s 7th season (smart marketing:  it’s competing against re-run’s and “Star Wars” now).

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