November 11, 2012

YADA Systems, Inc.

I Hope They Don’t Have Any Workaholics I can just imagine the dinner-time conversation in the household of an over-zealous employee of Roseville-based Yada Systems, Inc. “‘YADA, YADA, YADA’ . . . that’s all you ever talk about,” the beleaguered spouse complains. Sorry — blame it on Seinfeld, not me.   🙂
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Teaching a 12 Year-Old (Mine) About the Banking System

To Open an Account or Not (That is the Question) My son’s Bar Mitzvah (Jewish confirmation, sort of) is rapidly approaching, which means that a slew of checks — many of them from out-of-state relatives — isn’t far behind. Opening a “kid” checking account for him certainly seems like the smart, responsible thing to do....
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